Notice: Must contact the admin before ordering..Use WhatsApp or website chat option.
Notice: Must contact the admin before ordering..Use WhatsApp or website chat option.

Buy Captcha Contest Votes


Buy 100% verified captcha Contest votes and win the contest. We are one of the best Captcha vote providers with affordable prices. If you want to win the contest you should order from us now.

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You want to win the competition to Buy Captcha Contest Votes, but you don’t have enough time. Also, you don’t have enough friends to vote on your poll.
We offer you a special service which solves your problems automatically! We do all the work for you, all you need is money.
You can order Captcha Votes from our website and get them in a minute. We do everything for you so there is no risk at all!

What are the Captcha Contest votes?

Captcha votes are votes that you need to bypass captcha before voting. So it’s harder than poll voting. You need a lot of friends to win any competition. What if you don’t have enough friends? That’s why you are here. We help you win the contest for you. You need to order and rest of the things we do.

Now winning Captcha votes contests are very easy. Our smart Captcha decoding system ensures unique and genuine captcha votes with the Captcha bypass mechanism.

Our Captcha voting service, Technologically-advanced unique captcha voting system that ensures direct transmission of votes by bypassing and decoding captchas and automating the human work. ReCaptcha doesn’t recognise this vote as coming from a robotic system.

Getting Captcha votes on the internet is not an easy task. Our service helps you to generate captchas for your polls, and ask for votes through them. We can provide unlimited captchas for any purpose, social media voting system, competition or survey. After solving the captcha, the bot will send a message with a link to vote your poll automatically via email, SMS or any other way you like! It’s been tested on many servers and it works great! Do you have enough friends to win this competition? Let’s make it happen!



Why choose us?

We are one of the best vote-dispensing companies in the world who help people who want to win the online competition. We cast votes most uniquely. If you find you, competition is very intense. Just let us know and we make sure you win the contest.

You can contact us anytime and we respond within 10 minutes. So don’t worry about customer service. When it comes to customer service, We are the best in the town.

Benefits of our service

100% verified captcha votes

Captcha is a test used to protect accounts or to analyze traffic and solves the problem of automatically created image errors by using a character recognition approach. Every time you submit a form or make a comment on the website with Captcha it is verified by our team and we send you a link to the vote bot which are a 100% verified vote. We are here for you. You can buy captcha votes only if you want 100% verified votes because an unverified votes will not work for you. Each votable recipient will have a different unique id generated upon purchase so we can track each reply even if the user uses an IP address or a different browser.

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You can get unlimited of the vote from us

Get unlimited free Captcha votes from us each time you create a new contest. We can send massive amounts of votes to your contest at one time which will improve your chances of winning. With multiple servers around the world and high speeds, everything should be running smoothly. Any problems please contact us for help.


No human interaction needed

Human interaction is expensive. It often means hiring expensive consultants or outsourcing complex work to people who are just not up to the task. Captcha solves this problem by using an automated process that requires no human interaction. This allows you to run multiple campaigns at the same time without making unnecessary investments in staffing or infrastructure. We’ll never try to sell you anything, we won’t send you spam, and we won’t share your information with anyone else.


Super quick vote

We’re offering a super quick vote to one of our Captcha Solvers who can solve the captcha contest and get us 10,000 votes here on Kickstarter. If you’re interested, send us an email from your Kickstarter account with your KS email address so we can verify it. We’ll then forward your email on to our solver-of-choice. Please note that this offer is only for the Solvers who message us directly, no other methods of contact will be accepted.”

Customer testimonial


One of the best captcha registration services I have ever got. Thank you so much for your excellent service. Recommend to anyone who wants to win a contest with Captcha votes. Thank you so much.

Allina Jule, United States


First time to try this service. I was very sceptical when I first saw this. But eventually, I ordered them. And I get what they promised. Quick customer service. Thank you, guys. Appreciate your work.

kyle mills, united kingdom

As usual, They provided excellent quality again. When it comes to voting, These guys are world-class. Every time I order from these guys, they deliver perfectly. Quick response as well. I am your forever client. –

Joon morrow, united states


Awesome service. What exactly I am looking for. I have been participating in photography contests for 6 months. I didn’t win a single competition. But this time, With help of these awesome guys, I have just got 1st position. I don’t express my happiness with words. You guys also are part of my winning. Appreciate your help and recommend it to everyone. 

andrew tye, England


We take the pain out of voting for you. Captcha votes are harder than polling because you have to bypass 2-3 captchas per vote. We solve this problem by having your friends send you a code that you can use to bypass the captchas. The rest is history! We have been solving problems since 2012 and we are still here making things easier for people to vote for them without any hassle. No matter which social media network you use, we make sure that your vote will go through safely and without any hassle.”

I think you want to win the contest. If you are serious, don’t be late. Press the order now button. As we said, we are one of the best vote companies in the world and we prove this point with our service. If you don’t satisfy our service. Just asked for a refund, No question asked, we will give you a full refund within 3 days. So what are you waiting for? Order now 


Vote Quantity

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